8:20-9:20Period 1
9:20-10:20Period 2
10:35-11:35Period 3
11:35-12:05Lunch 1
12:05-12:35Lunch 2
12:35-1:35Period 4
1:35Dismissal K-2
1:35-2:35Period 5
2:35Dismissal 3-8

Students should not arrive at school prior to 8:05 a.m. as teachers do not begin to supervise until this time.

Please note if your child is late arriving at school, please check into the office to sign in. If your child is going to be absent or late, please enter using the new SAFE ARRIVAL program.

If you pick up your child early, please call the office and let them know the time that you will be picking them up and we will send the child to the door when you arrive.


LocationRespectOwnership Living ABOVE the LineCommunication
OTFD & 4-Part Apology
Classroom*Remain in seat/area
*Be ready to learn
*Practice healthy habits (eat, sleep...)
*Follow directions the first time (pay attention)
*Hands off (personal space)
*Bring all necessary supplies to class
*Ask for help when necessary
*Do your BEST work
*Put garbage, materials in appropriate place
*Return property in the same state
*Keep a clean desk/workspace
*Be on time
*Be responsible for missed work
*Complete work
*Respect due dates
*Raise hand, speak in turn
*Whole body listening (SLANT)
*Stay focused on the class discussion
*Work quietly
*Positive attitude
*Good manners
*Include others
*Allow others to answer –
every opinion is important
*Be helpful
Playground*Personal space
*Hands are for helping
*Keep it clean
*Stay within boundaries
*Line up/Enter immediately at the bell
*Snow & stones stay on the ground
*Follow established playground rules (boundaries, belongings, bodies & bells)
*Return all equipment you borrowed in same condition
*Use equipment safely
*Speak calmly if a problem arises
*Use your words
*Use Manners
*Use appropriate language
*Play fair
*Fair teams
*Take turns
*Invite others to play
Hallways & Stairways*Walk safely single file within
arm’s reach of the right wall
*Hands are for helping (look at the art with your eyes only)
*Keep hands/feet to yourself
*Smile & wave if you see a friend
*WALK directly and silently to destination
*Leave no trace - keep lockers
& hooks tidy
*Tie your shoes
*Use appropriate language
*Be helpful (getting dressed)
*Good manners - let others
pass, don’t cut through lines
Cafeteria*Good manners
*Healthy food choices
*Wait to be dismissed
*Keep hands/feet to yourself
*No sharing (allergies)
*Bring your lunch box/money
*Leave no trace (pick up ALL
*Be polite
*Raise hand to communicate
*Speak quietly
*Use appropriate language
*Wait your turn in line
*No line cutting
Bathroom*Proper hygiene
*Give personal space/privacy
*Leave no trace (flush, hit the target, no water/garbage on the floor, no marking on property, use toilet paper)
*Wash hands with 1 soap squirt
*Return to class promptly
*Be silent (all noise carries)*Wait your turn
Specialty Areas (office, breakfast club)Office
*Wait to be acknowledged
*Stay behind the counter
*Be quiet
Breakfast Club
*1st come 1st served
*Eat & go
*Take your turn
*Eat quietly
*Follow posted rules
*Know your phone number or have your agenda
*Have your phone pass
Breakfast Club
*Leave no trace (Clean up your mess)
*Say “please” & “thank you”