Message from the Principal

Dear Queen Elizabeth School Families!

Welcome to Queen Elizabeth School! Our desire is to provide academic excellence in a warm and supportive school climate. We want each parent to feel their child is learning to their fullest potential in a safe and inclusive environment.

This will be a different year for all of us with the Global Pandemic still affecting how schools are run. We have put into place a comprehensive School Operational Plan following the Provincial and Public Health guidelines. It is important that we all work together to ensure a safe place for staff and students to attend everyday. We appreicate all of your support as we all navigate these unprecedented times together.

We at Queen Elizabeth School have as our mission to “develop the potential of all learners to think critically and take ownership for their academic and personal growth.” However, we cannot achieve this without your support. Strong parental and community support enhances the quality of your child’s education. Please accept our invitation to volunteer your time and energy via the Home & School or Parent School Support Committee (PSSC). We know that your involvement, combined with the efforts of our outstanding faculty, will make this school year a rich and rewarding year for your child. Please call the school at 856-3447 if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Yours in Education,

Terry Weir